Sur Le Pont d’Avignon

We went to Avignon. We saw the Pope’s Palace and the bridge of Avignon. We had a picture of us dancing on the bridge of Avignon (who remembers the song? – K). That night we had raclette for dinner. It is where you have potatoes and meat and then you have a mound of melted cheese on it. It is so good. – Alexandra

Later in the day we set off another massive firecracker inside of a watermelon. The whole thing exploded leaving pieces all over the yard!! – Isaac


Outside the Palais des Papes


Above the Pope’s Palace. It does not belong to the current Pope, it’s a monument now.


We walked along this tiny street, inside the walls of the old city. It is the street where the people who dyed cloth used to be.




What’s left of the famous bridge


We need more living walls like this back home


Raclette=yummy! The cheese slowly melts under the heat and then you peel off a crispy warm layer of cheese and pile it on the food on your plate.


Marie-Noelle carving Benoit’s ham to have with the cheese.









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