Baiyoke 2 Sky Hotel

We went to the forty-ninth tallest building in the world (Baiyoke 2 Sky). At the very top is a revolving view point, from there you can see across a good chunk of Bangkok. It has 88 floors and unspeakably clean and nice rooms. I don’t understand how there is a golf course in it, plus it’s the tallest building in Thailand and clearly one of the cleanest. I’d like to stay in it one day. -Isaac  


Riding the Train

Today we went to Bangkok by overnight train and then another one to Nong Khai.  On the way we saw a full grown elephant in the back of a little truck.  I had a really nice sleep and we had a good view of Thailand. -Isaac











Doing some magic for some people.

A whacky poster for soup.


When we arrived in Bangkok it was the king’s 84th birthday and there were celebrations everywhere. These monks were getting ready to collect alms. (In Buddhism, alms or almsgiving is the respect given by lay Buddhist to a Buddhist monk or nun.The act of almsgiving assists in connecting the human to the monk or nun and what they represent).

The King’s royal coaches.

My dad did the sponge ball trick for these two monks.

Going to School

Dad did a show for the local school on Koh Lanta. The kids loved him and his goofy act. Later after the show Isaac and I were invited to classrooms of our age. The girls were very kind and lead me to the classroom. There I was examined by the other kids, I was taller than most except for the tallest boys who were my height. I was asked for my phone number and to draw pictures for the girls while the boy messed around laughing and making jokes. After that we went down to the school’s mosque where the Muslim girls covered themselves and then lined up and began to pray following the teacher. Before I left I got to play volleyball with  them. The teams were made up of about ten people each it was very disorganized. The ball flew back and forth sometimes getting sent back. I will miss my new friends and want to try to keep in contact with the school.

Riding an Elephant

Riding an elephant was a crazy experience that one probably has few chances to ever do. At first it feels like you are about to fall off because you aren’t used to being so high up. Soon the steady and sturdy steps of the elephant turn into a wonderful perspective of what it is like to be so tall in a tropical paradise! After our ride we got to feed Klong and Gaow (who are a couple). They would stretch out their trunks then cradle the pineapple to put in their mouth. When we left the keeper told Gaow to thank us and he bowed his head to us! -Alexandra 

Rubber Trees

Did you know that some rubber products are made from trees? The sap from a rubber tree acts like rubber. We rented a car and drove around Koh Lanta, along the way we saw rubber trees. We stopped the car to have a look and we saw the rubber all right. – Isaac
Previously I had seen trees with white sap in cups and as I read my science textbook a few days ago, I realized it was rubber trees. I confirmed that by touching the white sap which was stiff like silly putty. – Alexandra




Koh Phi Phi

Today we went on a ferry to Phi Phi Island. We went to a beach and the water felt like hot tub water. We hiked up to the island view point. On  the way up we saw a black worm. We called it the hammer-head worm. Once we got to the viewpoint I thought it was a spectacular sight. You can look and find out where the tsunami hit. – Isaac